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The Mangalitsa

The Mangalitsa is a very special Heritage breed. This royal hog was once raised exclusively for the Austrian royal family. Since arriving on American soil this posh pig has been in the lime light. These curly haired Mangalitsa pigs are often mistaken for sheep. The Mangalitsa pork is prized by top chefs the world over for the tender texture & buttery flavor. The Mangaltsa is ruby red in color. The New York Times calls the Mangalitsa the It Pig.

Taste the Difference


The Difference


About Our Mangalitsas

Charcuterie au marché de Foix

mozzarella and pepperoni

Tasty slices of Italian speck


Our Mangalitsa hogs are proudly raised humanely and are given plenty of food, sunshine & fresh air.
We do not give them hormones or antibiotic’s and they are raised on a special diet to ensure their amazing quality.
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The meat is red and marbled like a rib-eye steak.

The Mangalitsa hogs are a cousin to the famous Iberico pigs from western Spain.

The fat on the Mangalitsa compare to olive oil and is high in good Omega’s.

The Mangalitsa is being served at the finest restaurants in the country.

The Mangalitsa was recently showcased as the secret ingredient on Iron Chef.

The Mangalitsa is the world’s Wagyu pork.


Our Story


Our Story

This is where this 5th generation Arizona farm family came into the picture. The Vision was simple. To bring to Arizona the world’s best tasting pork. A flavor so rich & so different that once you’ve tasted it, you will never forget it. As Arizona’s only Mangalitsa breeder we believe we have done just this. Mangalitsa’s are truly slow food taking up to one year or more to grow to maturity . We started with 6 pure breed Mangalitsa’s in January 2013 and have grown our herd to the point we can finally share the harvest. We believe in staying true to the mission & upholding the highest possible standards in quality, care & sustainability.



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The local farmers & owners are Perry And Brenda Hunsaker & Brenda’s Parents Billy & Nora Maynard
Perry & Brenda Hunsaker
email: info@azfineswine.com
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